Design Wall Tip

If you have a design wall and want to check out a large quilt top or finished quilt and don’t want pin holes in your quilt from hanging it on the wall, try this. My brillant hubby came up with this idea, proving that all the junk…I mean treasures he keeps in his garage (AKA the black hole) are not totally useless. Now the thing that makes this work for my design wall is that its hung from a copper pipe inside a rod pocket placed in curtain rod hangers, so it is an inch or so out from the wall. But it may work just as well with other styles as long as you have some room between the wall & the design wall material.
He took a bunch of these common clamps (see photo below) and clipped them to the rod holding up the design wall.
I actually have a second flannel sheet hung from my clamps right now because I have a quilt in process on the first piece of flannel, but if I want to hang a quilt, I just open one clamp at a time and clamp the quilt along the top and it works just fine.
In the photo below, you can see a queen-sized quilt clipped to the design wall with these clamps.
We bought a net bag filled with a variety of sizes of these clamps at Home Depot. The smaller ones work best because my design wall is very close to the ceiling.
Next I’m going to see if they’ll work to hold down the back on my layering tables instead of taping…stay tuned. Gosh that means I have to actually finish a project. 🙂


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