Breaking News…Fabric for the Next One Block Wonder!

A good quilter friend of mine gave me this piece of fabric that she considers garish (she loves Civil War Reproduction fabric), so of course I have to make it into a beautiful one block wonder.



Using my nifty little hinged mirror, you can get an idea of what a couple of the hexagons might look like.
But before I can get started…and oh, it’s so hard to resist the temptation, I have to finish a baby quilt for a shower in April and this king sized quilt that I was commissioned to make.
Fortunately, I only have to hand sew the binding down on this one to have it done, but being a king size, it will take quite a bit of time.
And I suppose I really should finish the barely started OBW that’s been on my design wall since October before I start yet another project….oh well. I just get so excited by new possibilities…so many quilts, so little time and energy.


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