Breaking News…Fabric for the Next One Block Wonder!

A good quilter friend of mine gave me this piece of fabric that she considers garish (she loves Civil War Reproduction fabric), so of course I have to make it into a beautiful one block wonder.



Using my nifty little hinged mirror, you can get an idea of what a couple of the hexagons might look like.
But before I can get started…and oh, it’s so hard to resist the temptation, I have to finish a baby quilt for a shower in April and this king sized quilt that I was commissioned to make.
Fortunately, I only have to hand sew the binding down on this one to have it done, but being a king size, it will take quite a bit of time.
And I suppose I really should finish the barely started OBW that’s been on my design wall since October before I start yet another project….oh well. I just get so excited by new possibilities…so many quilts, so little time and energy.


2 thoughts on “Breaking News…Fabric for the Next One Block Wonder!

  1. Irene Tucker October 31, 2017 / 10:37 am

    Hello! Can you please tell me if you know or remember which collection is the fabric you used for OBW that your friend gave you? The mone thT likes reproduction fabrics and considered the one she gave you “garish”. I love it. Thank you!

    • oneblockwonderwoman October 31, 2017 / 4:28 pm

      Thank you for visiting my blog, Irene. I love the fabric too. The jewel tones are gorgeous. I am sorry but I have no idea what the name of the line is. I only have a tiny scrap left after making it into a OBW and it doesn’t have any selvege on the scrap. My friend had the fabric for many years before passing it on to me, and it’s been about 3 years in addition since I made the quilt, so I’m sure that it wouldn’t be available anywhere any more.

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