The next challenge…

There is a little story that goes with these piles of fabric. My oldest sister, Wilma, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly three years ago. She had been retired from her job for a day and a half and had planned on taking up quilting again during her retirement. She and the rest of my family live in the Pacific Northwest. Her son, Les, contacted me a few weeks saying that she had started a quilt for her grandson, and could I possibly finish it for her. Of course I said I would be happy to do that for her and her grandson. He was going to mail me the materials when he got a chance.
Providentially, friends of ours were moving from our area back to the area around Olympia, WA, and needed help hauling trailers with their household goods. We volunteered to help them out, and since we would be passing within 5 miles of Les’ home, we planned to stop by and pick up the quilt Wilma had started.
Much to my surprise, this pile of fabric squares is the “quilt”! To top it off she had three or four squares hand pieced together. I am not interested in hand piecing, so I let Les know that that wasn’t happening. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy handwork like stitching down binding and a limited amount of hand quilting, but hand piecing is too labor intensive and at my “skill” level would not turn out anywhere near as well as the machine. The other problem is well over half of the fabric squares were cut out of thin polyester shirts. On the way home, I sorted the pieces out that looked useable as well as between light and dark with the idea that I’d do something with half/square triangles, because I also thought some of the fabric was very unappealing, and the smaller you cut…can I say Ugly…unappealing fabric, the better it looks.
So when we got home, I pulled out my pattern books and patterns. I decided on this one called Doves At The Window:
One of the things that make this pattern especially appropriate is Wilma was very much in touch with our Native American heritage and she often used the name Flying Dove. I don’t blame her since that is a much nicer name than Wilma. 🙂
Unfortunately, once I sorted out the usable fabric, I only have about a third of what is needed to finish the quilt, so I’ve hit my scrap bins and stash. I might still have to buy a few fat quarters to add to what I’ve already got. I’m really excited how well the prototype block turned out and can’t wait to get the whole thing done.


2 thoughts on “The next challenge…

  1. stitchinggrandma April 1, 2014 / 10:11 am

    Great use of the scrap bin!! What a wonderful gift you will give your great nephew~!~ And what a wake up call to all of us, that tomorrow is not promised. Make the best use of every day.

  2. oneblockwonderwoman April 2, 2014 / 11:00 am

    You’re so right about the wake up call. Maybe that’s why I feel so free to spend so much time in the quilting room. 🙂

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