You’re Feeling Sheepy, Very Sheepy

I did manage to leave my beautiful garden (see last post) long enough to finish the baby quilt for a baby shower tomorrow. 🙂 I’m calling it Feeling Sheepy.
Now I’m off to quilt with my friend (and quilting student) at her house. I’m working on the pile of scraps I referred to in The Next Challenge Post. Making slow progress…having to make over 800 half/square triangles one at a time because the fabric I am using was already cut into small pieces. 😦
feeling sheepy


4 thoughts on “You’re Feeling Sheepy, Very Sheepy

    • oneblockwonderwoman April 14, 2014 / 12:02 pm

      Thanks. 🙂 I love it that they are all so soft and textural.

  1. trkingmomoe April 11, 2014 / 1:07 pm

    Baaaa….how cute. The mom is going to love it. I know I would have. Thanks for sharing.

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