I Beg Your Pardon


Thought I’d just quickly share my latest One Block Wonder before I rush outside to take advantage of the cool morning working on getting the garden ready for fall.  Seems like a constant battle to prune rose suckers and deadhead.  Also need to divide daffodils…they didn’t bloom this year…and tall bearded iris.  When I dug into two of the daffodil areas, I couldn’t get the trowel into the dirt because the bulbs were packed so close together.

Speaking of roses, here is a photo of the original fabric used to make this OBW.


This my first attempt at using a monochromatic fabric for one of these, and I found it very difficult to arrange the hexies in a pleasing pattern that draws the eye through the entire quilt.  In the future, I plan to stick to my usual multicolor fabrics since I prefer the way they come out.  This one is nice, but not at all my favorite.  I do love the toile flannel that I used for the back surrounding the original fabric and makes the quilt perfect for cozying on the couch.

Off to digging in the dirt!


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