I Beg Your Pardon


Thought I’d just quickly share my latest One Block Wonder before I rush outside to take advantage of the cool morning working on getting the garden ready for fall.  Seems like a constant battle to prune rose suckers and deadhead.  Also need to divide daffodils…they didn’t bloom this year…and tall bearded iris.  When I dug into two of the daffodil areas, I couldn’t get the trowel into the dirt because the bulbs were packed so close together.

Speaking of roses, here is a photo of the original fabric used to make this OBW.


This my first attempt at using a monochromatic fabric for one of these, and I found it very difficult to arrange the hexies in a pleasing pattern that draws the eye through the entire quilt.  In the future, I plan to stick to my usual multicolor fabrics since I prefer the way they come out.  This one is nice, but not at all my favorite.  I do love the toile flannel that I used for the back surrounding the original fabric and makes the quilt perfect for cozying on the couch.

Off to digging in the dirt!


“Name This Quilt” Contest

This is my latest “nearly finished” project (just one side of the binding left to be handsewn) which I started about a year and a half ago. It is done in a “Radiant Star” pattern by Eleanor Burns which I started in a class at a local quilt shop. It has become my most favorite quilt that I have ever made, replacing even a one-block wonder made several years ago which is now a close second. I love to name my quilts, but can’t decide on what I should call this one, so I thought I would encourage feedback from readers of this blog. The prize for the winning entry is a still-in-the-package “Splash” rotary cutter by Olfa. If you’re not familiar with this type of cutter, the blade is changed with just a flick of the thumb…no more struggling with trying to figure out which way to put the parts back together. A real time and frustration saver.
The rules for the contest are simple. Just post your name for this quilt in the reply section of this blog on or before June 1st, 2015. The winner will be chosen purely subjectively by me, oneblockwonderwoman. A hint, I love humorous names and plays on words. For instance, I once named a flowery strip quilt that I made for a great-niece “Rows Garden” because the name just made me laugh. I like more serious names as well that really fit the quilt. You may enter more than one name. And that’s all there is to it. Time permitting, I will post the winning name the week of June 1st and get your rotary cutter off in the mail as soon as I get a mailing address from the winner.
I’m looking forward to seeing all of the creativity I know quilters possess. Thank you in advance for participating, and feel free to share this contest with your fellow quilters.

What a surprise…another One Block Wonder In the Works

This lovely Sunflower fabric is the next One Block Wonder I’ve started working on. It is a challenge hosted by a One Block Wonder group I follow on Facebook. The powers that be picked 6 different fabrics, and the members that want to participate get to pick one fabric, make a OBW out of it, and then we’ll post our finished results on the FB page just to see how different the same fabric can be when using this technique and the unique flair each quilter puts into their quilts.

I certainly didn’t need to sign up for this challenge as I have about a dozen UFOs waiting to be completed, but I am hopelessly hooked on OBWs.

Here are my blocks. The design still needs a lot of major tweaking, but that’s my favorite part of the process. It feels a little like painting without the mess and clean-up.

From panel to finished top…

Well, the quilt top for the raffle quilt that I posted about a couple of weeks ago is ready for quilting. The panel at the beginning of this post is the original fabric used to make this one block wonder.
Here is a photo of the finished top.
It was a total fluke that the main body of the quilt came out as a heart shape, but I decided to leave it that way since the people who won this custom made quilt are newlyweds.
On to the next project, which you will be surprised to hear is….another One Block Wonder! I just can’t help myself.

How I celebrated my birthday

Well, it all relates to quilting of course! I recently joined a group of fellow One Block Wonder fanatics on Facebook. Not being terribly tech saavy, I decided to post some still shots and a description of how I am able to quickly chain piece the hundreds of triangles needed in a OBW without getting any of the pieces scrambled. Of course a picture is worth a thousand words, and my instructions were unclear to many of the quilters, so they requested I do a video. So first thing this morning, I asked my incredible hubby to film my technique. This meant he had to put off leaving for his fishing trip to a local lake (he’s as obsessed with fishing as I am with quilting) for about ten or fifteen minutes, but he did it. Much to my horror, I realized at the very end that he had focused on my face, which I’d asked him not to do. Who is that fat old woman? The camera must have added 20 years as well as 50 pounds to me! But I don’t have the ability or time to figure out how to edit the video, so I decided to instead just grimace and bear it. It only took another two hours to figure out how to post a video on YouTube, since I had evidently at sometime in the ancient past created a YouTube account with my current email address and have no idea of the password. So I tried another email account that I had created a few weeks ago, and I couldn’t sign onto that one either, resulting in signing up for a third email account. That finally worked, and the video successfully uploaded. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Here is a link in case anyone is interested in either checking out this chain piecing technique or just laughing at that fat old woman at the end of the video.

With all the morning now gone, I buckled down and got the finished blocks for the raffle quilt mentioned in the last post placed on the design wall in a potential design that still needs a bit more tweaking.
Then I got the borders on a Double Wedding Ring quilt that I made several months ago and that remains on my UFO list.
So, it’s been a wonderful day. And the incredible husband, who was supposed to be back from fishing and hour ago, is going to take me to dinner.

The Long Saga of the Raffle Quilt…with a happy ending

Every year, our little country church raises money to pay for a well in a village in Asia that either doesn’t have one or where Christians aren’t allowed to use the village well. The wells are placed on the property of the Christian church of the village and all people from the village are invited to use the well as a witness of Christ’s love to all. So far our little church has been able to provide three such wells. This year I got the idea to combine my love for quilting with this wonderful cause, and we raffled off a custom-made quilt for one lucky person. The winner got to choose the size, colors and general style, traditional, modern/contemporary, or my favorite, One Block Wonder. The winner is the granddaughter of one of our church members and the winner lives in Texas. So after the drawing in early December, I emailed her photos of the various styles and asked for her color and size preferences. She wanted a One Block Wonder (Yea!) in blues, purples with a touch of red with a vibrant look to the colors. Since then, I have been on the hunt for the perfect fabric, thinking it would be easy….NOT!
The photo that I started this post with is fabric number three which I ordered off the internet (as I did the first two possibilities). With this fabric, UPS either lost it or left it next to our mailbox on the busy road we live on, so I had to wait an extra 10 or so days to get the replacement shipment, making sure I would be home to accept the deliver at my front door. I was so excited when it came, and it is a beautiful fabric, but it really lacked the vibrancy that I was hoping for. Here is a photo of what the blocks would look like when cut into the OBW design.
This is a photo of the OBW that caused the winner to pick that style:
A world of difference. Fabric No. 3 is nice, and will make a lovely OBW with some tweaking, but just not in the same league as the completed example.
Well, finally, I found the absolutely perfect fabric!
Now, I’ve never before used panels for a OBW, but why the heck not? So I ordered 7 panels. I always put a piece of the original fabric somewhere in the quilt as a reference to the transformation. The extra panel will be part of the back of the quilt in this case. After cutting the side borders off the panels since they wouldn’t add anything to the quilt, I stacked them and lined up the design elements and started cutting. Here is what the first few hexagon blocks look like, just randomly placed on the wall.
I think it’s going to be fabulous! Just enough bright colors to keep it from being too serious like the previous fabric. So in this case, instead of three being a charm, four is a charm.
But now I have three other OBW quilts started that need to be finished. Good thing I’m the One Block Wonder Woman.

One Block Wonder finished….next……

I’ve been gone a long time from blogging, but I have been very busy. This is the fabric that I used to make my latest one-block wonder.
And this is the finished project. I’m in love with the jewel tones in this quilt.
out of the box
It was a real challenge to make a bed sized quilt out of this fabric. It took some creative cutting, but it was a lot of fun and worth all the effort required.
This next fabric is for the next OBW and has quite a history. It was ordered several weeks ago and supposed to be delivered by UPS. Since we live in a rural area, usually all deliveries are left behind our locked gate if we aren’t home. Well, the order didn’t come and didn’t come. Finally, I called UPS and they said that it had been left in a “package box” on the street. So I suspect it was stolen. Fortunately, the company I ordered from sent a free replacement order which finally came today. So, I’m off to get to work on it now.


I’m freshly home from a fabulous 4-day retreat with my Quilter’s Anonymous (Quilt Guild) group. The above photo is the main building which houses the quilting room to the left, a spacious lobby in the middle and the dining hall to the right. It was held at the St. Francis Retreat Center near San Juan Bautista, CA. What an incredible setting.
These next two photos are where the rooms were located that we stayed in, a short walk from the quilting space…and more importantly…the food!
This photo is taken from the patio in front of the dining hall looking past the quilting room.
And this is just a lovely shot from the same patio looking towards the rooms.
The next photos are all of the interior of the quilting room.
This last one is of my sewing station. Looking out the window just to the right of my station, I saw a herd of 5 deer and a flock of turkeys strolling by. Of course, they wouldn’t wait for me to get my camera out.
There were a total of 30 very talented quilters as you can see from the sampling of quilts that were hung as they were completed. The food was also wonderful…and it was such a treat to not have to cook or clean up afterwards. This was my first quilting retreat experience and I am planning to go every year from now on because it was such fun. One of the few times that I was not ready to return to my home routine after four days away.

Breaking News…Fabric for the Next One Block Wonder!

A good quilter friend of mine gave me this piece of fabric that she considers garish (she loves Civil War Reproduction fabric), so of course I have to make it into a beautiful one block wonder.



Using my nifty little hinged mirror, you can get an idea of what a couple of the hexagons might look like.
But before I can get started…and oh, it’s so hard to resist the temptation, I have to finish a baby quilt for a shower in April and this king sized quilt that I was commissioned to make.
Fortunately, I only have to hand sew the binding down on this one to have it done, but being a king size, it will take quite a bit of time.
And I suppose I really should finish the barely started OBW that’s been on my design wall since October before I start yet another project….oh well. I just get so excited by new possibilities…so many quilts, so little time and energy.

A Little Taste of One-Block Wonders

You must be wondering where are all the one-block wonders, so thought I’d post a few of my past projects. This is the original fabric used and the finished quilt called “Krazy for Kats” made for my good friend who really is. Sorry for the poor quality photo, but this is only the second one-blocker I made and my design wall was my dining room window.001Maggie 075
This next one is my all-time favorite and the first time I was brave enough to try free-motion quilting in the big borders. It’s called Blue Bird of Happiness. First the original fabric:
Then the quilt:
The last one for now was made for my quilting mentor that I mentioned earlier, Carla. She would never make one of these for herself because she doesn’t like having to struggle to line up wonky blocks. Her favorite colors are orange and green. It is called “Just Another Day In Paradise”
The original fabric:
And the quilt:
You’ll notice in the last one that I discovered the fun of making these quilts asymmetrical. That also works well if you’re short on fabric…I have to post just one more to show you what I mean. This one was for my sister, and she wanted something in blues, pinks and purples. I had this gorgeous Asian print in my stash, but only had six yards and she wanted a Queen-sized quilt, so to make the fabric go farther, I added rows of purple hexagons. I loved this one so much that it was hard to send it off to her. It’s called “I’ll Fly Away”.
There is a one-block wonder on my design wall that’s been covered up with a flannel sheet for months because I’ve been too busy to work on it, but I hope to get back to it soon.